New Construction

Are you building a new home in the greater Sacramento region? Electrical new construction services from Live Wire Electric will help you power your new custom home.  

We work with both homeowners and general contractors in the Sacramento area to provide electrical new construction installation services.

Lighting, outlets, heating, fans, air conditioning, water heaters, home security and automation are all modern components of custom homes that require electrical.

The earlier you reach out and make us part of your new home build, the better we can help you meet the electrical needs of your new homes design.

Electrical Contractor for New Home Construction

Electrical new construction includes the installation of each electrical appliance, outlet and inlet within the walls and ceilings.

As part of the process, your electrician will need to run wires to all outlets, switches, lighting and appliances. This will need to take place after framing, but before sheetrock is installed and the walls are closed.

Once the sheetrocking is finished, caps, outlet plates and switches will be installed.

Working with an electrical contractor that can finish your job on time and on budget is critical to your new home build.

Call Live Wire Electric today at 916.899.9932  to schedule a quote for new construction electrical services in Sacramento. 


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